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Random Thoughts, Vol I, issue 2

  1. Catching up on Torchwood. Liked 2nd season a lot more than 1st. Last night watched parts 1 & 2 of “Children of Earth” – so far so great.
  2. Still have the Christmas tree up. Probably should take care of that before progressing to “Children of Earth” part 3.
  3. Bought Peebs a copy of Susan Boyle’s CD for Christmas, per her request. We both had the same reaction: eh. All the arrangements kinda sound the same. Boyle’s rendition of Madonna’s “You’ll See” is very good – but who suggested she perform “Daydream Believer” as a slow piece? YIKES. (Although the opening track is “Wild Horses” and it actually works.)
  4. At work: too much to do, not enough time. As always. But the to-do list thing has helped some.
  5. Actually had a disagreement with Peebs earlier. She called asking when the next full moon was. I looked it up and told her. “No, that can’t be right.” I guess she’s actually having a disagreement with my wall calendar. Which, by the way, she bought me.)
  6. Except now I looked at the calendar again and the symbol I thought represented the full moon is actually the new moon symbol, and vice versa. So I was wrong.
  7. Trivia: the date of Easter is often said to occur “on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.” However, the realities of what is meant by “full moon” and “vernal equinox” in that calculation are not the obvious things you think they are – in other words, it’s Way Too Complicated.
  8. Danged if there wasn’t something else I was going to include that has totally slipped my greasy little mind.

Perk up your ears!

OK, I’ve got a more relevant (or at least less facetious) blog entry in the works. But in the meanwhile, here’s some silly blather!

I was chatting online with Toby*, a friend who had recently seen Avatar and was bemoaning the fact that I would likely be the last person to see it, as Peebs has no interest. (Odd, since Titanic is possibly her favorite movie – Schindler’s List and It’s a Wonderful 24-Hour Christmas Eve Marathon being the prime competitors.) In fact, I think she might have a slight but specific desire not to see it. “Her interest,” I wrote, “is probably about -0.7.” This led to a discussion about exactly how interest should be measured – what units would one use?

When a dog is interested in something, it perks up its ears, so I decided that interest should be measured in perkons. Abbreviation: pkn. I considered making it a logarithmic scale, like the Richter scale for earthquakes, but Toby pushed for a linear scale, like temperature, and I quickly realized she was right.

A rating of 10 pkn would correspond to an obsessive level of interest. Neutral feelings are 0 pkn. -10 pkn, basically, is “I’d rather die than do X.”

Examples of use:

  • “At 11:55pm the night before the release of the last Harry Potter novel, the ambient interest inside Borders was easily a full 10 pkn.”
  • “When the movie was coming out, my interest in Serenity/Firefly was like 8 pkn, but it’s waned to about 3 now.”
  • “Now that I’ve seen that interview with T R Reid, my interest in reading his book easily climbed another 3 pkn.”
  • “If you’re engaged in the escapades of Lindsay Lohan at any higher than -9 pkn, you don’t deserve to have conversations with grown-ups.”

I think this could be the greatest faux measurement system since the invention of the microLenat! So now I challenge you all to start using perkons in your instant messages, emails, tweets, and FB posts.

If you’re interested, that is.

*Names have been changed to protect the Newtonian concept of Conservation of Pointless Name Changes.

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