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Math anxiety – the teacher contribution?

Apparently a University of Chicago study is finding evidence that elementary school-aged girls pick up some math anxiety from their teachers. Specifically, their female teachers. (MSNBC video)

Here’s the full story, from the Chicago Tribune website.

An excerpt:

The ill effects go beyond stereotypes: girls who bought into the notion actually performed worse in math, chipping away at their self-assurance in related fields, such as science, the study found.

The effect was limited to girls — a finding that could have far-reaching implications in a country where more than 90 percent of elementary teachers are women. Researchers believe girls were affected by female teachers’ anxieties because children generally emulate the behavior and attitudes of same-gender adults.

Of course, the obvious question would be: why don’t male teachers pass on that anxiety to boys? And the obvious answer would seem to be: because the male teachers don’t typically have the same anxieties.

So, if this is true, Continue reading ‘Math anxiety – the teacher contribution?’


Poking my head out…

Quick update:

  1. Yes, I’m actually cleaning my office. Or at least my desk, which is the most important thing. I went to Office Despot(TM) and bought some stacking inbox things and I’m *gasp* actually making myself to-do lists again.
  2. Been playing the beta test version of Star Trek Online. I doubt I’ll have the time or money to invest in it once it goes gold and hits store shelves, so this may be the only chance I get.
  3. The boy has finally started waving bye-bye. Mind you, he waves at himself rather than the person who’s leaving, but, you know, baby steps. Speaking of which, oh yeah, he’s officially toddling.
  4. I hate my sinuses so much I’m considering stealing a milkshake spoon from Steak & Shake and sterilizing it.
  5. I’m still proud of myself for changing my own car battery. (With helpful advice from a co-worker – thanks Brian!) Laugh if you like, but somehow I’ve never had to do that before. Changed plenty of tires, but never the battery.
  6. The end of David Tennant’s reign on Doctor Who was everything we’ve come to expect from head writer Russell T Davies, whose approach to emotional content is somewhere between Titanic and Moulin Rouge – completely over the top, bang you over the head with it, figuring something’ll stick, but then, just when all the sturm und drang is over, there’s a little quiet moment that hits you hard. (Everyone who saw the episode will know what I’m referring to. Tap tap tap tap.) I’m going to miss Tennant & Davies. Might even pick up a copy of Davies’ book, The Writer’s Tale.

That’s all for now.


Progeny Progress Report

At thirteen+ months, here’s his status:

  • Will sometimes say “mama” and “dada” when prompted, but only then. Convinced he once tried to repeat me saying “stinky” while I was trying to change his diaper. Also once rode in the backseat repeating “Die, die, die, die, die, die, die…” so either he’s plotting our untimely demises à la Stewie Griffin, or he’s been watching Perfect Strangers reruns behind our back.
  • Still not walking independently. Has occasionally attempted a step or two, but for the most part he will “cruise” with one or both hands on a piece of furniture, then plop down on his Royal Tochas if he has to cross an unfurnished area. We’re speculating he needs to be around kids his age who are figuring out the words to the one-foot-in-front-of-the-other song. Crawls like anything, though — in fact, it seems like he won’t stop moving unless he’s distracted by a toy he wants to play with or a TV screen (preferably showing a commercial, which bodes ill).
  • We’re pretty sure Tooth #8 is coming through.
  • Despite aforementioned age, still wearing many of his 6 – 9 month clothes.
  • Not particularly fond of sippy cups.
  • Showing a distinct reluctance to memorize his social security number.

I suppose it’s perfectly natural to wonder about whether we’re doing anything wrong. But, knowing that, I can’t allow it to stop me from fretting about it. I guess what I mean is, which is the worse sin? To worry unduly that we’re delaying his development in some way, or to resist worrying when, in fact, we’re missing something? If the answer isn’t “the latter,” someone tell me why not so I can relax already.

Anyway, merry Christmas to all my Christmas-celebrating readers.

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