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Auto-Pilot Program. :-(

Account -> Privacy Settings -> Applications and Websites -> Instant Personalization Pilot Program: Edit Setting. Uncheck the box.

Facebook didn’t ask our permission before signing its users up for this. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

For the moment, we’ll just have to have faith that,, and Microsoft’s are going to play nice with the information about us that they now have. What if (yeah, right, “if”) Facebook decides that one of its future “trusted partners” will be someone that we really shouldn’t trust?

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Don’t be an iSheep.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy an iPad: do what you feel is best. But if you’ve resisted becoming a first-week buyer, then you may be the kind of person who, you know, actually thinks about products before you buy them.

In that case, check out the following articles. There’s some overlap, but they’re not entirely identical:

9 Worst Things About the iPad

9 Reasons NOT to Buy an iPad

Why am I posting this? I have no alternative product to offer. I’m just sick of the groveling that the masses are doing at the feet of Steve Jobs & Co. Some of Apple’s non-competitive practices are just as nasty as Microsoft’s have been – yet Microsoft gets pilloried while hypocritical Apple stands nearby with the whip.


The map in your car won’t accept your passport, either.

Perhaps in retrospect all those “information superhighway” metaphors were misleading.

Logo of A few days ago, a popular technology blog, ReadWriteWeb, posted a news article about information sharing between Facebook and AOL’s Instant Messager software. The first paragraph of the article read,

Facebook and AOL announced last night a partnership that will integrate a user’s Facebook friends into their AOL Instant Messenger. The announcement came on a day when Google announced its new attempt at capturing your social attention with Google Buzz and Yahoo! reminded us from the outskirts that they’ve been at this game for a year now.

Please note that the title of the article is, “Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login.”

Follow along, I’m going somewhere with this.

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